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Time Ciudad launched their own luxury Carbon fiber apple watch cases, based on the cooperation experience with Huawei watch brands, and more than 30 years of luxury brand watch design and manufacturing experience, Time Ciudad use their own familiar luxury material Carbon fiber and Zirconia Ceramics, combining the space Aluminum materials (same as the Apple watch case material), the excellent and convenient structure design make the apple watch cases unique and light,Time Ciudad Apple watch case has many colors, it suitable ladies and men, Richard Mille Appearance design, light material ,make the lady feel very convenient, and fashionable,if you would like to do the unique apple watch cases for your brands, we hope to be your partner  in China, custom logo Luxury Apple watch  cases are good options, in the electronic times .

Private Label Apple Watch Case Manufacturers Chinese Best Carbon Fiber Apple Watch Cases & Ceramic Apple Watch Cases Wholesale

If you would like to do Luxury unique Apple watch Cases and custom Apple Watch 7 Series Cases etc. watch components, please feel free to check our models here, ourApple Cases engineer has cooperated with Chinese Smartwatch Brands HUAWEI, and have luxury watch design and manufacturing experience more than 30 years, Time Ciudad Will Launch a series Apple watch cases based on Luxury watch spirit. So Time Ciudad Apple Watch Cases designs are unique and easy to handle for your customers.

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Time Ciudad Apple Watch Case’s Bezel uses the Carbon fiber materials (same as Hublot watches material) The inner parts use Space Aluminum material,(same as Apple watch case material), Detach and change band is very easy, Colorful apple watch case designs give fashionable customers more options if you customer group are ladies, and you are looking for fashionable apple watch cases, we can be your reliable partners

Custom Apple Watch Case Design and Manufacturers

Time Ciudad Strap use special craft ,not like common oil painted,so you wear so long time is is comfortable, two special screws make the watch case and bezel fix very well, Time Ciudad experienced structure design engineer is keen on design and manufacturing ,if you would like to add apple watch cases to your catalog, for traditional watches brands,you can share the electronic products cake, if you are in electronic industry , Apple watch cases is a good options in the future.

The Basic Knowledge About Apple Watch Cases Wholesale

All of the Apple watch cases issue,please feel free to contact us, if the blog can not help you , we can professional team to help you !

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How to Change My Apple Watch Cases, Why Choose Time Ciudad?

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The FAQs About Carbon Fiber Apple Watch Case And Ceramic Apple Watch Cases

If you have any questions about our Apple Watch Cases,please check the Fast Questions and Answers .

Yes,we can ,we can send sample for you to check the quality.

If you have forwarder in China, we can deliver sample to your forwarder, if you don't have forwarder, we can deliver to you in DHL,UPS, Fedex, our apple watch case is light. 

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For Apple watch case samples, you can pay to our paypal account, because it is small amount, if bulk order, you can pay for us in our company account.

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