What is the Apple Watch Series 7 case size?

Apple watch case 7 have two case size:41mm &45mm

How many apple watch 7 case colors there are?

Apple watch series 7 has 5 colors, Blue, Midnight, Starlight, Green, and RED

Apple Watch 7 VS Apple Watch 6

The difference between Apple watch & Apple watch 6

Case size: Apple watch 7 :41 & 45mm Apple watch 6:40 &44mm

Screen: Apple watch 7: bigger 20 % than Apple watch 6 Apple watch 6: 1.78 inches

Resolution: Apple watch 7 :396 x 484″ Apple watch 6:368×448″

How to buy a private label apple watch case from China?

Time Ciudad Launched top one easy to assemble Apple watch 7 cases, just need 4 screws, your apple watch will be Luxury Richard Mille Watches, If you want to do a private label watch apple watch 7 series case from China (45 mm and 41 mm), please check the Richard Mille Apple watch case, it can protect your apple watch, and when it can be your luxury watch.

Time Ciudad engineer specialized in famous watch design and the Time Ciudad factory have cooperated with famous watch brands, so all of Apple watch case design combine the luxury watch spirit, and the time Ciudad apple watch case will be the top one light Carbon fiber Apple watch case,

Now smartwatch is more and more popular if you would like to find the 2022 best products, apple watch accessories is a good option.

Please check the time ciudad carbon fiber apple watch case series 7 case design, time ciudad has experienced engineer, the case back material use the same material as apple watches, the apple watch case use very light material Carbon fiber, the structure design is same as apple watch design, the apple watch case and band use the quick-release structure, it is easy to detach the band and apple watch band.

What is the carbon fiber apple watch 7 series case material ?

It is a new type of fiber material with high strength and high modulus fiber, containing more than 95% carbon.

Carbon fiber is lighter in mass than metallic aluminum, but stronger than stainless steel, and has high stiffness, high strength, light weight, high chemical resistance, and high temperature resistance. Carbon fibers have the inherent intrinsic properties of carbon materials and the softness and work ability of textile fibers, making them a new generation of reinforcing fibers that are popular in aerospace, civil engineering, military, racing and other competitive sports products. Many Luxury watch brands use Carbon Fiber material for their watch case.

Which b

Which luxury Watch brands use the Carbon fiber watch case material ?

How to find carbon fiber apple watch case manufacturers?

Time Ciudad offer Carbon Fiber Apple watch case , custom watch logo is accepted,so if you are looking for Golden Concept Apple watch case manufacturers, you can contact Time Ciudad, You will be the first one to taste the cake,

How to find very high quality luxury apple watch case wholesale?

Time Ciudad specialized in OEM & ODM Apple watch cases, we ar doing wholesale Apple watch case,

Can your Apple watch case fix in Apple watch 6/Apple watch 4/Apple Watch 7, Apple Watch SE, etc. generation?

Time Ciudad Structure engineer based on the technical design, Time Ciudad have two size case, one for small case, lower than 40 mm, it can fix all apple watch case in 38 mm and 40mm, And the other bigger Apple watch case can fix 41mm 44mm and 45mm, So Watch 6 , Watch 7 all we can fix.

Please check the below Apple watch case video :

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