Hello everyone, this is Carol from China, work in the watch industry for more than ten years, this article is for the guys who want to do very high-quality private label watch brands, and watch buyers, Watchmaker, who want to buy custom watch parts /components, then assemble in Swiss people.


1. Watch Case Material

2. Are Swiss watches made in China?

3. Where are Swiss watches manufactured?

4. Tissort Case Material VS Longines Case Material

1. Watch Case Material

Stainless steel watch

Titanium watch case: Very light

G5 titanimum vs G2 titanium

G5:Lightweight material is hard to make in the process, so very high-quality watches use this kind of material, because making it is very hard, so the price is high. It is harder, not easy to scratch.G2 is easy to make in the process than G5, not hard than G5.

2. Are Swiss watches made in China?

As we all know many Swiss brands have source watch components from China, like the watch case, watch band, etc parts, then use Swiss movement or their movement, then assemble in Switzerland. So most of their watch parts are made in China,

The Finish requirement is higher than a common brand, So if you would like to do your own brand watches, please feel free to contact us, we can custom for clients, and you assemble in Switzerland is okay, if you don’t know how to assemble in Switzerland, we also can help you,we are experienced in Swiss standard watch manufacturing.Email:watchcarol02@gmail.com WhatsApp:+86-13809626361

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