How many Apple Watch Series there are in 2022 and the guide on apple watch case size?

How to buy Apple watch 7 Series Watch Case?

Just contact Time Ciudad, make the trends Apple watch 7 cases,

How to do my private label Apple Watch Case?

Just send your logo Ai file to us, if you don’t have we can design it for you, then we can make the logo on the watch case. We can put the logo on the Apple watch case and the Apple watch band buckle

What is the best 2022 Apple watch 7 protective case?

Time Ciudad Richard Mille Apple Watch cases, Time Ciudad use very light material Carbon fiber material and the Nano Ceramic material, every details design are made very nice and finish is very good.

Stainless Steel Apple Watch Series 7 VS Carbon Fiber Richard Mille Apple Watch 7 Case

1. How many apple watch series there are in 2022 and the guide on apple watch case size?

From the data you will know From this data you will know which series of Apple Watch choose which size of the case?

So the Apple watch has 38 mm,40 mm, 41mm,42mm, 44mm,45mm, so if u need to do a watch 6 stainless steel protective case /cover, you need to buy 40 mm /44mm

How to buy Stainless Steel Apple watch 7 Series Watch Case?

Time Ciudad just launched the Apple Watch 7 Series watch case wholesale, if you would like to do, you can contact the time Ciudad team ,whatsApp:+86-13809626361

How to do my private label Apple Watch Case?

Please feel free to contact Time Ciudad Watch Company, they have many different designs of apple watch cases wholesale, it can match stainless steel case and band, or stainless steel case with the rubber band.

How to buy Luxury Private label Apple watch 7 cases?

Time Ciudad Just launched Apple watch 7 cases, Time Ciudad has Apple watch cases in Carbon Fiber material and Ceramic material, please check the below pic here 🙂

Please check there are four colors in the Carbon fiber Apple watch case and the Nano Ceramic Apple watch case, the apple watch case design is based on Richard Mille’s spirit, but our designer makes many structure changes with our Time Ciudad design elements.

Stainless steel Apple watch case VS Ceramic Apple watch case.

Stainless steel apple watch case use common watch material stainless steel, the material weight is higher than Carbon fiber material, so compared both of the materials, Time Ciudad positioning in high-end Watch Cases, and stainless steel apple watch case is more affordable than Carbon fiber Apple Watch case, but it depends on customers group.

So if you would like to do private label apple watch cases or wholesale Apple watch cases, please feel free to contact us, we can quote to you based on your requirements.

If you would like to do private label smartwatch case, like Carbon fiber apple watch case ,Ceramic Apple watch case, or stainless steel apple watch case,please feel free to contact us:whatsApp:+86-13809626361

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