Top one online watch brand Daniel Wellington have launched stainless steel case, Many watch brands start working on Apple watch Assceeories (Apple watch case, Apple Watch Strap, Apple Watch Accessories), etc.

So it is time to add Apple watch accessories to your brand, Time Ciudad Smartwatch Company is a one-stop smartwatch and smartwatch accessories wholesalers, if  you would like to do a private label Apple watch case,please feel free to contact us :WhatsApp:+86-13809626361

Our Cooperation Clients

Time Ciudad Apple Watch Cases different size options, One For Apple Watch Series 7 Cases ,One For Apple Watch Cases 6 Series.Definitely one case can fix above 40 mm cases, one case for below 40 mm cases,more easier to change the Apple Watch cases

If you would like to be our Apple Watch Case Distributors, We can give you a small MOQ (Minimal Qty). If you would like to do your own brand Apple watch cases, we can custom your logo in 50 pcs for u, And we have Apple Watch Case Packaging, so you don’t need to buy so many apple watch cases in stock.We support you !

Luxury Carbon Fiber Apple Watch Case Manufacturers

Luxury Apple Watch Cases make the sports watch a luxury watch, you can wear it anytime and match your clothes, we do this Carbon fiber cases as the Richard Mille Design spirit, use our designer structure design, so it is easier to assemble, and we have many colors, Like Black, White, BLue, Black, etc. Give Our ladies more options,

Custom and Private Label Apple Watch case suppliers

Time Ciudad use two different Luxury watches material Carbon Fiber(Richard Mille etc,) and Ceramic (Channel use ),So if you have any Apple watch case project, our design will give you amazing suggestion and technical support,make your watch design more easy to people,and fix very well.

The Basic Knowledge About Time Ciudad Smartwatches and Smartwatches Accessories

Please note that the final cost depends on the customized service you require, the specifications of the raw materials used, the relevant national laws, and the distance of transportation. Take the example of booking a tall container of products:

Comment utiliser les instructions Da Fit APP ?

Instructions Da Fit APP     Données comment régler l’heure du bracelet ? acelet, il synchronisera automatiquement l’heure. 1.Comment régler l’heure du bracelet ? d connecter le bracelet, il synchronisera automatiquement l’heure. 2.Comment vérifier les notifications du

HOW To Change Apple Watch Cases,For your Apple Watch series 7

Please check the video ,you will know how to change case for your apple watches?

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We specialized in Luxury OEM & ODM Apple Watch Cases manufacturing and designing, Time Ciudad Specialized in Carbon Fiber and Ceramic Material Apple Watch Cases, Our engineer, and structural engineer have cooperated with Luxury Brands for more than 30 years, because we have signed NDA with our clients, ensure protect their designs. So if you cooperated with Time Ciudad, You don’t need to worry about it, we keep rules .There are two screws,You just need to detach the to screws,the case and bezel will be two parts then put the Apple  Watch body into the case then screw it , then assemble the strap, the strap structure is the same as the Apple watches, you can easy to detach it and assemble it at any time,no need any tools

The FAQs About Custom Apple Watch Cases

For Apple Watch cases if you are smartwatch accessories buyers, it is a good products, because you have this kind customer Group,if you are standard watch buyers,your high-end watch customers are your customer group,So we hope we can support you !

Yes, we can custom logo on the buckle and apple watch case.

5 pcs,if you need custom logo is 50pcs.

Yes, we can send Apple Watch case to check the quality 

You can use paypal.

We can deliver to you in DHL or Fedex, or your own forwarder.

For carbon fiber Apple watch cases,we have Blue, Black,White, and red, for ceramic apple watch case, we have white and Black

Yes, for our big cases you can use for Apple watch series 7 (41 mm and 45 mm)and can use in Apple watch series 6 (44 mm),Our small case you can use in Apple watch series 6 (38 mm).

Carbon fiber apple watch case texture is rough, ceramic apple watch case is mirror finish, so it depends on your  habits ,whatever Carbon Fiber Apple watch case or Ceramic Apple watch case, all is watch case good material