Why the smartwatch looks same but price is totally different?

In this blog post, you’ll read:Which smartwatch model is deserve to buy , how to choose smartwatch ?

Lately I have many customers ask me the questions, why I bought the smartwatch in same appearance ,but price is totally different ?

Why I bought the smartwatches , but the defection is totally high, and I have a mexico clients bought smartwatches then he didn’t want to buy again ?

Today let me teach you how to choose smartwatch models , firstly , if you need real blood pressure , and Heart -rate , price can not lower than US$7 ,all of the parts will use in medium standard ,if you choose good models ,it can save your customer service , and good watch ,the APP is maintain continusly , so your customers can connect very well. functions can be use in everywhere.

For some watches if you use in supermarket , you need more competitive price and you need big quantity , you can ask custom braceelt for you , you can ask supplier cancel some functions, but in good quality , it can save your time in customer service,many suppliers will suggest use imitate herat rate , because real heart rate can not do it in this price .

For smartwatch models, which model is popular in market, we have reaearching top 100 list in Amazon , square case smartwatch is most popular all over the world , in European market , smartwatch trendy is increasing ,so nice design and good functions are popular ,so if you need some functions, order to 3000 pcs, we can custom for you .

We hope the article can help you choose good watch models .and grab the smartwatch opportunity .