Why smartwatch price raise in 2021?

In this blog post, you’ll read:why smartwatch price is increasing ?Can I buy smartwatch from China in small quantity ?

Lately more and more watch importers are wondering why smartwatch price is increasing ?

I got inquiry in Jan.and Mar. the price increase about US2-$3 ,it makes someone don’t know how to do it ?

Because we have quoted to our customers, but price is raiesed,definitely ,because of the lackness of smartwatch screen and IC price is totally crazying now ,so it makes smartwatch price raised , but you don’t worry , if price raising on all over the world , smartwatch parts price is increasing,so smartwatch price raised is a necessary ,if you need smartwatches,please ask your suppliers asap ,if some models price didn’y raise ,you can place order then sell , if after one month, many factories won’t do stock smartwatch, for small importers ,maybe it is more difficult to buy smartwatches from China.

So if there are any smartwatch questions, please feel free to contact us:1@ssmartwatch.com