Dropshipping Smartwatch

Dropshipping Smartwatches

Time Ciudad Specialized in custom smartwatches for many sellers, now ensure to suport the small and medium sellers, we do dropshipping smartwatches now, you can place order, we deliver from China to your customers, you don’t need to invest anything except your marketing,so if there are anything we can help ,please feel free to contact us  :WhatsApp:+86-13809626361


Check the Ultra 8 smartwatch details

Dropshipping smartwatches is a good service for small and medium watch sellers, especially for some start-up watch sellers, we can deliver from China to Europe ,US ,Australia,Colombia ,Korea,Brazil,Chile,Brazil etc. Countries, Dropshipping is a good service, to decrease business invest, D2C (D2C) business is Direct To Customers,it is more efficinet for customers.

Every Watch has a replace watch band

Dropshipping smart watch

When you choose smartwatches, you can tell us the smartwatch color then we will deliver to your customers 

Quick release watch band ,there are many watch band colors to choose.

watch 8

Specifications Of The Smartwatch

Please check the video ,you will know more about the smartwatch functions.

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CPU: Realtek RTK8763EW,

Support system:IOS or Android 

Screen Resolution:240*296″

Wireless charging, Battery Capacity:250mah

App Support :English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, German, French, Arabic, Czech, Greek, Spanish, Japanese, Persian, Italian, Korean, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Finnish, Swedish, Thai, Hungarian, Slovak, Croatian, Albanian, Turkish, Ukrainian, Hindi .

Watch Support Languages:Chinese, Chinese Traditional, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Portuguese, Korean, Vietnamese, Arabic, Hebrew, Thai, Croatian, Turkish, Czech, Dutch, Indonesian, Malaysian, Finnish, Greek, Romanian, Hindi, Persian, factory default English


The FAQs Dropshipping Smartwatches

For Apple Watch cases if you are smartwatch accessories buyers, it is a good products, because you have this kind customer Group,if you are standard watch buyers,your high-end watch customers are your customer group,So we hope we can support you !


5 pcs,if you need custom logo is 50pcs.

Yes, we can send Apple Watch case to check the quality 

You can use paypal.

We can deliver to you in DHL or Fedex, or your own forwarder.

For carbon fiber Apple watch cases,we have Blue, Black,White, and red, for ceramic apple watch case, we have white and Black

Yes, for our big cases you can use for Apple watch series 7 (41 mm and 45 mm)and can use in Apple watch series 6 (44 mm),Our small case you can use in Apple watch series 6 (38 mm).

Carbon fiber apple watch case texture is rough, ceramic apple watch case is mirror finish, so it depends on your  habits ,whatever Carbon Fiber Apple watch case or Ceramic Apple watch case, all is watch case good material