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Please check the two different smartwatch movements below: the first one have step count, Bluetooth, sports monitoring, heart rate monitoring, Alarm, etc function suitable for watch brands and higher quality watch factory and manufacturer, the second movement is a simple movement,just have step count and alarm, etc. simple functions, so suitable for gift watch brands and manufacturers, so the movements are offered to watch factory,watch brands they have their own workshop or assemble factory, If you need sample ,pleas let me know ,we can offer to you to test the quality .

Smartwatch Movements make you can make your own brands smartwatches ,hybrid smartwatches, it can do your own logo on the case back and strap and buckle

If you would like to do unique smart watches and custom smartwatch designs, please feel free to check Time Ciudad smartwatch movements  here, our smartwatch movements are based on reliable IC parts , so our smartwatch movement is reliable,

Smartwatch Movements For Steps Counts

This one smartwatch movements have time, Calories, alarm, Steps, Distance, Countdown Mode, and Stopwatch.EL Light etc. Functions, you can use it very easier, it is suitable for gift smartwatch market and Old people market. and we can do an environmental smartwatch with the smartwatch. movements, in European standard.

1. Time perpetual calendar function.
Time range: January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2099.
12/24 hour system selection.
Day of the week: British language, automatic display.
2.1 group alarm function.
Alarm ringing time: 20 seconds.
3. Whole hour chime function.
4. Stopwatch function.
Maximum value: 23:59′ 59″.
5. Countdown timer function.
Maximum value: 24:00′ 00″.
6. Pedometer function.
Daily automatic and accurate step counting. 7 days of data can be viewed.
Calorie, pedometer distance
7. Backlight: EL.
8. IC working voltage: 3V

This one movement ensures affordable in the gift watch movement market, so don’t have many functions, but when you use is reliable. so the smartwatch movement can meet lower-cost hybrid smartwatch market,and MOQ 3000pcs can make watch for you ,quantity requirement is mot high

Smartwatch Movements With Calories

12-digit display: hours, minutes, seconds, day, month, week
2 standard sizes, optional double movement (hour, minute, second) with line hand function
Stopwatch function
Optional 12/24 hour system
Beeping alarm and reminder
EL backlight
Ultra-low power Bluetooth 4.0 protocol, support iOS and Android system
Caller, SMS, QQ, WeChat, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Whasapp alerts
Facebook, Whaspp, WeChat movement data sharing
Low battery alert
Cell phone remote control for photo taking
Fully automatic perpetual calendar date and day display, connect with cell phone to automatically synchronize the time and date without the tedious time and date alarm settings.
24 hours around the clock pedometer, 3D step / calorie consumption / walking distance detection display.
Exercise data memory function (save 15 days of exercise data)
Connect cell phone or tablet device APP to upload sports data backup to the cloud server.
Android/iOS cell phone in English and Chinese APP sports data friends circle sharing and ranking, background server support global network.
One key to quickly turn on/off the Bluetooth, different application modes between the fast switch to save power consumption
CR2032 button battery without charging, standby for one year, 6-10 months of normal use.


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Can I get a smartwatch Movement to test?

Yes,we can offer a smartwatch Movement smaple for you to test

Can I design my own watch case to use the smartwatch movement?

Yes, you can , you can design amazing watch case based on your requirment then use our smartwatch movement

Does the smartwatch movement have App?

Yes, we have our own app for our smartwatch movement

What is the MOQ of smartwatch Movement?

If use our current models, MOQ is 5000pcs, if custom functions, MOQ is 10,000pcs

So can I make business smartwatch movement?

Our this smartwatch movement have many designs,you can design based on your requirement.

Can the smartwatch test heart rate?

Yes, it can test heart rate