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Would you like to add a smartwatch to your category, Time Ciudad Specialized in smartwatch wholesale, we can sell watches in 100pcs, for our in-stock smartwatches,our thinner new smartwatch wholesale to overseas,if you would like to check our sample quality ,please feel free to contact us:)

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The FAQs About Smart Watch Wholesale

For smartwatch wholesale, if you are a smartwatch dealer, you can buy one to check our smartwatch quality, the super-thin case design, and function can monitor your health, like Running, walking, cycling, spinning, mountaineering, treadmill, yoga, basketball, football, badminton etc. sports

Can I put logo on the smart watch?

Yes, we can

What is your Smart Watch Wholesale Minimal Quantity ?

100pcs,if we have in stock

Could I buy one sample to have a look ?

Yes, we can send smart watch case to check the quality 

How I can pay for sample fee for your apple watch case ?

You can use paypal.

How did you deliver Smart watch to us ?

We can deliver to you in DHL or Fedex, or your own forwarder.

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HOW To Monitor Your health With Smartwatch

All-day heart rate monitoring!

We specialized in Luxury OEM & ODM Smart Watch, equipped with the knob button to operate diversified. The user can customize the dial + mass online dial through the rotary key to read the function interface app, and the rich dial can meet the diversified aesthetic of the match, Show the trend of self-personality; Sleep monitoring can master their deep sleep, shallow sleep and sleep times; it adds microphone and speaker. After connecting to the phone via Bluetooth, you can use your watch to answer the phone to ensure that you don’t miss important calls when it is not convenient to pick up the phone (such as running or driving); Support photo control, sedentary reminder, mobile phone search, weather, lifting the hand, bright screen, alarm clock and other small tools; manufacturing and designing,

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Smartwatch Wholesaler,Smart Watch Wholesale

With good quality and functions, it can help you save time in customer service. if you would like to sell smartwatches, time Ciudad smart watch wholesale is your best partner in China.

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