Smartwatch Smart-time pro App Introduction

Thank you for choosing our smartwatches,this smartwatch is a sport watch ,the APP is smart-time pro. the smartwatch . can help you to achieve your sport goals.

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Setting Up Your F6

The first step is to download and install the APP SMARTTIME PRO indicated on the color box and shown   up on the watch. Enter the APP and create an account for info sync. The app allows you to check data analysis every day and to personalize some functionalities, such as setting sedentary, calls notification, exercise goals and so on.

Connect smart watch to your smartphone

SMART-TIME PRO APP supports the operating system

Bluetooth 3.0 connection method for iPhone users: Open “Settings”> “Bluetooth” on the mobile phone, find BT3.0 in the search list, and click Connect to pair. The Bluetooth icon in the drop-down bar will display blue-orange, indicating that both Bluetooth 5.0 and 3.0 are successfully bound

Bluetooth 3.0 connection method for Android users: After successfully connecting to Bluetooth 5.0, a pairing request for Bluetooth BT3.0 will automatically pop up on the phone, just click pairing. The Bluetooth icon in the drop-down bar will be blue-orange, indicating that both Bluetooth 5.0 and 3.0 are successfully bound. If there is no automatic pop-up pairing request on the phone, please refer to the connection

(You need to use Android 5.0+ or iOS 11.0+ and above and the watch can only be paired with one mobile phone. To pair other mobile phones, please unbind the current one before pairing.)

Quik Fit Strap

F6 contains two parts(watch body and wristband), you can purchase seperately strap and switch as your preference.

Charging Instructions

Charging: Turn the watch over,align and attach the charging pins to the magnets gold prongs. You will see the charging icon on the watch screen after 5s.

Charging fully may take 2 hours. You will see the battery icon is full if the watch have been fully charged.

Please clean the charge interface before charging for fear that the remaining sweat erode gold metal contact or other risks


Change watch face:

(Long press the screen or power button, swipe to choose,

click to confirm)

Sports :

The watch supports up to 10 sports modes including: Running, Walking, Treadmills, Climbing, Cycling, Spinning, Yoga, Basketball, Football, Badminton.

Step Counting

After wearing the watch correctly, open the “step counting” application in the watch application; display the number of steps, calories, distance and other parameters of the day’s exercise.

Wearing F6 correctly, not too tight or loose, make sure no green light leak, there is two measuring ways:
· Turn on the heart rate icon on the watch and measuring heart rate by manual.
· Set automatic monitoring time interval in app (monitoring once every 15/ 30/ 60/ 120 minutes).

Heart rate:

After wearing the watch correctly, open the “stress” application in the watch application; check how much psychological pressure you are feeling.


After wearing the watch correctly, open the “Blood Oxygen” application in the watch application; manual blood oxygen measurement is required.

Blood pressure

Wear the watch in a right way,and open the menu- blood pressure, measure its manual


After wearing the watch correctly, open the “sleep” application in the watches application. Record the sleep status throughout the night

Call mode

The smart watch sports bluetooth calls. And users can make answer and reject calls directly on the phone

Message notification

You can view the text messages in the mobile phone and the real time Information push to the watch


Schedule synchronization can be added to the watch on the APP to remind the time of arrival

Anti-lost reminder

When the watch is disconnected from the bluetooth of the mobile phone, the watch will make a sound and vibrate to prevent loss

Music control

Control the music player of mobile phone to play the music. As well as song switching and volume adjustment.

Remote capture

Control the camera on the mobile phone to take pictures remotely when using it. Please click device, take picture and the app to turn on the camera

Alarm clock

Set the alarms in APP and sync to watch,maximum eight alarms


Electronic timer can record one time or multiple times

Find a mobile phone.

When the watch is connected to the APP, the phone will make a sound after tapping it


Health care

Menstrul reminder

Shortcut menu


The same way to calculate the remaining time

Weather, weather forecast

Settings, language, brightness, same about factSettings, language, brightness, theme ,about, factory reset. Shut down

The smart watch keeps paying attention to your heart rate data during your exercise and your daily life, sometimes watch may not get a suitable heart rate signal. At this time, the missing countries data will appear at the dotted line. If you can’t get the heart rate signal first, you should confirm that you wear the watch correctly or just eat over. Avoid being too high or too low. Neither too light or too loose on your wrist. After adjustment, turn on real time, heart rate monitoring to get the data. If there is still no heart rate data, check if the heart rate monitor function is turned on at smart -time pro app.

Other problems

If your mobile cannot pair the watch, click settings bluetooth in your mobile and check if there is a signal of the Model NO. if yes,it means there is no problem with the bluetooth signal, please check if the watch is paired with other phones. Please unbind it. Ios device users should click setting- Bluetooth-ignore this device. And then pair it

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