Do you have a BIS Battery Test certificate in India?

In this blog post, you’ll read:For small smartwatch or new smartwatch importers , if we have BIS battery certificate , it is more convenient

Hello my dear Indian friends, maybe you meet some problems in BIS certificate when sourcing smartwatches from China?

What is BIS certification ?

For small importer and some Indian supermarket, if import 200 pcs or 500 pcs smartwatches, the BIS certificate is too expensive , so we hope the certificate can help you ,

BIS is a battery certificate , when you import smartwatch from China , in clearance , need BIS certificate,so we have applied the certification,we hope you sourcing watches with the certificate ,clearance is more easier.

For our some models we have made BIS certificate,would you like to check the models ?

Would you like to see more models ,please feel free to contact us

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