Hi guys,maybe you are still wondering if you need add smartwatch to your product lines,or maybe you are working on traditional watch Industry,but in 2020,your business is down, so you would like to know if you need add smartwatch to your catalog ?

I am working on traditional watch Industry about 10 years and I am still working on high quality OEM & ODM Watches,if you have the question,I will give you a brief analisis,I am not sure if you add it in your catalog is right,but I will analysis based on data and my experience ,if I can help you ,I am very glad.

Firstly,in 2020,Fossil have quit many traditional watch orders,it leads to their biggest OEM factory bankruptcy,of course ,it is just a Watch Industry news,today we are talking about smartwatch,let we check in past five years smartwatch trendy chart.

As per photo shows to us ,smartwatch trendy is increasing in past five years ,of course ,it is just the end customers needs,but it shows more and more people are interested in smartwatches in past five years,but the real needs based on your country and local market,if you would like to know your country ‘s trendy ,please email Time Ciudad smartwatch :1@ssmartwatch.com.we can analysis and send free report for you .

Of course, this article is not persuade you to add smartwatch to your product lines,next step ,let we have a look top one watch leader’s suggestion,below is Fossil’s suggestion:

It is 2019 Business report ,from the pic they said in US& Europe,smartwatch have a quick increase, on some developed countries there is a little increase,and traditional watch is more popular,and in India ,smartwatch have a big increase, so do you need add smartwatch to your product lines ,I am totally agree with that 🙂

Would you like to grab the significant market opportunity ?

As above pic shows ,in 2021 ,smartwatch will have a quick increase , and with the Covid-19,.more and more people care more about their health ,and it can monitor your health,like heart rate,blood pressure , SPO2 ,and sport modes etc.So I think you need add smartwatch to your catalog ,and smartwatch likes a smart phones, you can see who is using traditional phones now ?

If you have any other good suggestions ,I hope we can have a talk , my email:1@ssmartwatch.com

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