Unisex Smartwatch with changeable band


How to choose a smartwatch for e-commerce?

1.Popular appearance design

2.Unisex minimal design


So we recommend this model you.


Unisex Smartwatch with changeable band

Hello everyone, maybe you are looking for a Unisex minimal online watch?

This model can meet your requirement, unisex design, minimal case model, popular online watches for men and women,  Quick release leather strap, and Mesh band.


Additional information

Product size



English / Chinese / French / Spanish / Italian / Hungarian / Portuguese / Romanian / Ukrainian / Russian / Polish / Korean / Indonesian / Dutch / Danish / German / Swedish / Tukish / Finnish / Czech/Japanese/Slovak/(Support for adding more languages)

Case Material

Stainlless Steel Case

Watch built in language

Chinese, English, French, Spanish, polish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Turkish, Japanese, Russian, German, etc

Working Time

3-4 days

Standby Time

5-7 days


NRF52832,imported chipset