Time Ciudad SG2 smartwatch Bluetooth call supported


2021 Best smartwatch Best smart watch of Time Ciudad

watch screen:Plating fingerprint – proof mineral glass mirror,plastic back case.
Charge base:wireless charging, 2.5 hours for full charged
Color:Silver, Blue, Rose gold
Main screen:1.2 inch AMOLED round screen, resolution 390*390
Touch screen:Full fit multi-touch
Bluetooth push:Calling, SMS, Wechat, WhatsApp etc. Content synchronization display
(Supports languages for 170 countries and regions)
Heart rate monitor :24 hours heart rate monitoring
Pedometer:Exercise steps, calorie burned, mileage records
Sleep monitor:Automatically ON from 9pm to 9am every night.
Call reminder:Support call Decline
Bluetooth function and version:Bluetooth 5.1
Battery specification and capacity:230MAH large capacity polymer,150minutes full of charge
Vibrator:SupportLanguage:Chinese,English, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, French,Italian, German, Portuguese, Greek, ,Greek, Dutch, polish,Thai, Arabic
APK Lauguage:Chinese, traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, German, French, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Malay, polish


Time Ciudad SG2 smartwatch Bluetooth call supported

Thank you for choosing our product!

To have a comprehensive understanding and using this device, to know all the features and simple operation method, please read this manual first.

The functions on the user manual may be little different with physical, please make the final products as the standard.

The typing errors in this manual and discrepancies will be timely updated with the latest products. If we have updates, this manual will be subject to change without notice. Our company reserves the right of final interpretation.

Package: One gift box, one user manual, one smart band unit.


Remark: The product supports waterproof with IP68 level, it is available to wear it while wash hands, swim, in raining, etc.


Do not use it when have a hot shower/bath or sauna, the vapors will get into the host, scratch damage of peripheral components. All these are beyond the scope of the warranty.


Buttons Instruction:

Upper button: Press for wake up the screen, press again for enter Multiple activities model.

Bottom button: Long press for switch ON/OFF the watch; press for wake the screen and off the screen.

Touch instructions: Tap to select and enter a menu, slip right to return. At the home slide down into status bar; slide right into notification center; slide left to enter the main menu, slide up to weather condition. Tap to wake up the screen.

Watch band change: There is a switch button to take the band off to change at the back-case connector with the band.

Function Button;  -Power Button

Charging instruction: this product adopts magnetic force charging. Put the charging point connect to the back of the device charging pins, it will charge automatically. It usually takes 2 hours to full charging, device standby time up to 30 days, 5-10 days for working. Do not use the watch when charging.



Watch connects to Phone, download the App “HPlusFit” in the Phone at very beginning, reference following 2 methods:

  • Android/iOS Phone: Scan following QR code image by browsers or by any Scanner to Download “HPlusFit”.
  • Android Phone: search and download “HPlusFit” app from Google Play;

iOS phone: search and download “HPlusFit” app from Apps Store;



After installation, turn on cellphone Bluetooth and HPlusFit App, confirm the notifications and all others permission ask are enabled, and fill up personal information. Tap “Add device”, search “SG2-XXXX” device (turn on the GPS in the smart phone before binding) and tap connect.


As the Bluetooth protocol is different between all the phone brands. Sometimes the Bluetooth connection will be instability between mobile phone and smart watch. Please restart the Bluetooth, then try to connect again.


  • Firmware upgrade: When Bluetooth connected, in same interface of “HPlusFit”, click “Mine- “My device”, if there is new firmware available, click to update to the latest watch firmware version.

Notice: If it is unsuccessful to upgrade, please reconnect the Bluetooth and try to upgrade again.


Main Features:

  • Language/Time/DateIt will synchronize the date & time from the phone when Bluetooth is connecting.
  • Standby interface: There are couples of dials for options, long press 2 seconds on the home button to change when on the homepage.
  • Watch faces download: Enter HPlusFit, Dials, select the watch faces want to download, waiting for few seconds to complete, every time new watch face download will replace the last watch face in the watch face menu.
  • Always On setting: Enter the menu last page, tap icon enter more functions, tap icon turn on the always on function.
  • Status bar: Slide down at home page, Bluetooth status, HPlusFit App QRcode, Brightness, Battery status.
  • Notifications: Slide right enter Notification menu; Synchronous all the phone notifications, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, SMS, Email etc., if you want to display the notifications with contents, need to setup to display the details of Facebook and WhatsApp notice function in the Apps in the phone. It will vibrate for incoming calls and messages.


  • Activity info: Showing the health data including Steps, Mileage, Calories of the day and it will be saved at 12 o’clock every night then reset to 0 in the coming day. In the histories you can find all the data that saved inside.
  • Work out: Select one activity mode to record your work out. It will pause when slide right. Each exercise data includes exercise time, calorie consumption and heart rate. Click this to enter more modes options, click the sports icon menu to scroll to the first, and then click the middle to enter. Click to page up and down, and click to return.
  • Health

Heart rate: Waiting 2 seconds to start measuring and record the heart rate data by scanning the surface capillary of the skin by green optical, slide to other menus to stop measuring. Normally it will be 60-90 bpm, professional athletes may less than 60 bpm. When doing strenuous exercise, the date may up to 200 bpm. Keep exercising can increase heart and lung.

  • Blood pressure: When monitoring, please put your hands flat, the data will come out after a few seconds. Blood pressure tends to increase with age, and women have lower blood pressure than men.
  • ECG: Start immediately after the entry. The technology of combining the optical heart rate and the electrocardiogram takes about 10 seconds to output the data. The interface will appear after the measurement is completed, data saves in HPlusFit App.
  • Blood OxygenSPO2H, it is the percent of oxygen in blood, normal rate is 94-99%.
  • Sleep monitor: The smart watch will turn on it automatically from 10p.m to 8a.m. You can check the details of sleep quality by connecting Apps in the phone.
  • Stopwatch: Press the start and pause, again press for stop.
  • Remote control music: Play the music at phone side, control at the watch side.
  • About: Tap to enter, check the watch model, firmware version, Bluetooth Mac address.
  • Reset: Tap to Reset the watch, all the data will be cleaned.
  • Alarm: Set several alarm clocks through the App in the phone.
  • Sedentary Reminder: You can set time to remind yourself stand up.
  • Find your phone: Tap it and phone makes a ringtone alert.
  • Wrist bright screenSet it in the App, it takes more power consumption when it is on.
  • Units SetupMetric or British system。
  • Data transmission: All the data will be saved in the device. No matter pedometer, heart rate, sleep quality, and multi-sport mode, the data all can be transmitted to the APP in the phone.


  1. If it appears quality problems caused by manufacturing, materials, design within one year(since the day of purchase), we will offer free warranty for main part. We will offer free warranty for battery and adapter within 6 months. Premise is using normally and correctly.
  2. About the fault caused by the users’ personal reasons, we don’t offer free warranty, as follows:

1). Disassemble or refit the product.

2). Caused by immodesty drop

3). All artificial damage or misuse (such as: make water into the host, the external force shatter, scratch damage of peripheral components, etc.), all these are beyond the scope of the warranty.

  1. When ask for free warranty, you must provide a warranty card with the seal of purchase place and purchase date.
  2. If you met problems during use, please contact the shop customer service which you bought from.
  3. Please make the final products as the standard.

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Additional information

Time Ciudad SG2 smartwatch screen

1.2inch full lamination AMOLED high definition 390*390 round screen

SG2 smartwatch screen size

high definition 390*390 round screen

SG2 smartwatch Charging

wireless charging