Phone Call GPS Smartwatch


Baby communication record: 10 sets of baby Numbers that can be called in
(setting the number is the only number that can be reached if no number is set.)

Phone book: baby watch phone book, this number can be typed

Remote shutdown: prevent a malicious shutdown

Love reward: baby is great, give him a five-star prize

Looking for a watch: the location of a smartwatch at any time

Watch alarm clock: three sets of watch alarm clock


Phone Call GPS Smartwatch

Map location: LBS/LBS+GPS/LBS+GPS+Wifi location

Call function: GSM four-frequency two-way call

Clock display: digital clock display

Talkback: live voice chat Kekang: smart meter sleep monitoring

Footprint: historical track playback

Safe area: electronic fence intelligent warning

Map location: LBS/LBS+GPS/LBS+GPS+Wifi location

SOS help: a key SOS call circulates for three groups of SOS family Number

Voice monitoring: remote silent callback monitoring

Free time: baby in study, do not disturb!

Green firewall: filter strange Numbers and information

SMS reminder: low power reminds SOS

Additional information

Kids Watch Model NO.


Battery Capicity

420 mah

The screen size

1.22 inches



Working Time

24 hours

Product Size