Phone Call GPS Smartwatch


Phone Call GPS Smartwatch

Baby communication record: 10 sets of baby Numbers that can be called in
(setting the number is the only number that can be reached if no number is set.)

Phone book: baby watch phone book, this number can be typed

Remote shutdown: prevent a malicious shutdown

Love reward: baby is great, give him a five-star prize

Looking for a watch: the location of a smartwatch at any time

Watch alarm clock: three sets of watch alarm clock

Additional information

Kids Watch Model NO.


Battery Capicity

420 mah

The screen size

1.22 inches



Working Time

24 hours

Product Size


Details about Phone Call GPS Smartwatch

Phone Call GPS Smartwatch

Map location: LBS/LBS+GPS/LBS+GPS+Wifi location

Call function: GSM four-frequency two-way call

Clock display: digital clock display

Talkback: live voice chat Kekang: smart meter sleep monitoring

Footprint: historical track playback

Safe area: electronic fence intelligent warning

Map location: LBS/LBS+GPS/LBS+GPS+Wifi location

SOS help: a key SOS call circulates for three groups of SOS family Number

Voice monitoring: remote silent callback monitoring

Free time: baby in study, do not disturb!

Green firewall: filter strange Numbers and information

SMS reminder: low power reminds SOS