2021 Best 4G Call Smartwatch For Old People


Why do you need add old people watch to your production lines?

Now more and more younger people work separately and can not take care their parents .

Ensure to take care their parents ,they use the smartwatch will know their parents location and health details.

And you can use your Phone No. to your parents’watch,if there are any urgent ,the SOS call will tell you .

If your parents fall down on the road ,our watch will have a alarm then SOS call will let you know

In where and what happened .That ‘s why we launch the old people smartwatch ,and old people groups is getting more and more.

We need to go to work and take care kids ,it can save your time and can take care your parents ,

2021 Best gift smartwatch for old people ,for your parents.


2021 Best 4G Call Smartwatch For Old People

Sales point:

1. LBS+GPS+WIFI , you can find your parents and grandparents location at any time
2. remote monitoring,Monitor your parents’ details.
3. phone book, watch alarm,safety zone,SOS,
4.low power comsumption battery management it can use many days ,more convenient when go out
5.remote photography,remote power off,,album,flashlight,theme switch,gravity sensor,video play, recording, SMS browse,blind pot Supplementary transmission,
7.voice chat, video chat 8. Thermometer(forehead mode and wrist mode) 9.Heart rate, blood pressure monitoring



Additional information




pink, blue, purple


Waterproof IP67




4G, support WCDMA, GSM